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Open calls and Impact-Linked Funds

We are working right now on preparing the next Impact-Linked Funds. The official calls for applications for our various programs have closed. If you would like to stay informed about open calls and news, please view the pages of the individual Impact-Linked Fundsregister for our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn.



News from the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender Inclusive Fintech (ILF for GIF)

The ILF for GIF has created a great ecosystem map for fintechs, investors, capacity builders and anyone interested in the gender-fintech space. Check it out!

Under the ILF for GIF, two accelerator and growth programs have been launched to support fintechs with a focus on financial inclusion for migrants, especially women. Read the press releases of our partners Village Capital and Seedstars and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date!

Independent case studies by SDC on the Impact-Linked Finance Fund and SIINC

These two new case studies come from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), who is an experienced outcome funder and participant in Impact-Linked Finance transactions and co-creator of Social Impact Incentives (SIINC). SDC sheds much light on the benefits, learnings and potential of Impact-Linked Finance as a practice, of SIINC as one specific element in the Impact-Linked Finance toolbox, and the Impact-Linked Finance Fund as the platform for implementation. Dive deep into this highly insightful report on ILFF  as well as the seperate case study on SIINC.

Fresh insights into the education ecosystem

Would you like to learn who are the key actors to finance SDG4 in West Africa and MENA? And understand the challenges they face and the opportunities that can arise from using innovative financing solutions? Then this ecosystem mapping report is a great resource to dive into. For more information about how to use Impact-Linked Finance to boost access to education, feel free to check out our ILF for Education page.

Exciting insights into Impact-Linked Finance in action

With Impact-Linked Finance gaining momentum – both in terms of a growing number of transactions and the diversity of the range of financing solutions – the Impact-Linked Finance Fund offers inspirational insights and hosts the Open Platform for Impact-Linked Finance to build a community of practitioners. Whether in the form of case studies, articles, videos, interviews, tutorials, templates or trainings, we want to show that by receiving the right type of blended and catalytic capital, entrepreneurs become enabled to truly scale their solutions in both, business and impact terms.

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