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Impact-Linked Finance trainings

Would you like to participate in one of the upcoming Impact-Linked Finance bootcamps or trainings? Below we will list the next opportunities for you to apply. No match with your timeline or region? Don’t worry: Just reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss the best options for you to become an Impact-Linked Finance practitioner.


Next bootcamps:

There are no open bootcamps that are available for participants outside of our programs and Impact-Linked Funds right now. Reach out to us if you’re interested in open opportunities.

Who has trained Impact-Linked Finance with us already:

“The next frontier of Innovative Finance: Impact-Linked Finance”

This 1-hour webinar took place on March 1, 2022, and was the preamble to a more intensive bootcamp exclusively for EVPA members. EVPA and Roots of Impact partnered to share insights on Impact-Linked Finance and support catalytic capital providers in knowing and adopting this innovative financing practice.

“Impact-Linked Finance Bootcamp”

This intensive 3-month-bootcamp took place in the second half of 2021 in partnership with Latimpacto. The aim was to enable funders to set up up an Impact-Linked Finance practice and effectively support impact enterprises that are on their way to scaling and optimizing their impact.

What the participants say:

Daniela Matiz Bahamon, Fundacion Corona:

“The Impact-Linked Finance Bootcamp was a great experience. During the session, we were able to explore the different aspects of Impact-Linked Finance and were able to find all sorts of approaches for the initiatives we already have. Some participants even started developing new initiatives with the principles we learned. The experts on each session were very patient with all levels and explained not only the theory but gave us practical examples of programs that already succeeded. I highly recommend the Bootcamp to all the institutions that want to go beyond and start linking the impact they already have to the financial sustainability most projects need.”

Rafael Ribeiro, Conexsus:

“The Impact-Linked Finance Bootcamp lays the conceptual foundation and provides a set of instruments and tools for the structuring of cost-effective incentives for social enterprises. By enabling practitioners to use an evidence-based approach to promote the effective engagement between social entrepreneurs, venture philanthropists and impact investors, this Bootcamp represents a systemic change in the development of truly impact-first market mechanisms.”

William Rospendowski, FINEP:

“The Impact-Linked Finance Bootcamp was a great opportunity to learn more about tailoring financial instruments to specific impact purposes. It brings concepts that are in the frontier of finance and impact theory, thus giving the participants the chance to promote new mechanisms in their institutions. I definitely encourage the participation in this Bootcamp, as it will bring methodologies that will be helpful for organizations that are trying to bring the highest level of impact from the resources managed.”

Innovative Finance Toolkit

Are you curious to know the entire range of financing instruments that can empower impact enterprises on their journeys? Forget about classic equity or debt. The Innovative Finance Toolkit, which was prepared by Roots of Impact with the partners in the B-Briddhi program, will open your eyes to the wide range of possibilities to support impact scaling with financial solutions that are truly tailored to impact entrepreneurs.

Each of the 13 financial instruments is explained in detail, with defining criteria, interesting variants and options, advantages and challenges, as well as (real-life) examples. For Spanish or Portuguese natives, this toolkit is now available in these languages, too, in partnership with Latimpacto and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – check it our here.

Download the Innovative Finance Toolkit

Have a sneak preview of select toolkit content

Impact-Linked Finance templates & checklists

Here is the place where you find standard templates that are highly useful once you embark on the journey of putting Impact-Linked Finance into practice. Stay tuned – we will continuously add more.

(1) Impact-Linked Finance Due Diligence Template

As a funder and investor, you typically have your own unique due diligence process. However, if you strive to provide Impact-Linked Finance instruments to an impact enterprise, you may seek inspiration on how to complement your usual assessment. The questions outlined in the Impact-Linked Finance Enterprise Due Diligence Template, built on the experiences with many transactions of this kind, can provide a valuable guideline for your deeper dive into the impact, business, financial and legal aspects of your target enterprise.

(2) Impact-Linked Finance Simplified Scorecards

Another useful template for funders and investors are these standard, simplified assessment scorecards. Developed and used by Roots of Impact, they provide valuable guidance and inspiration for how to generally assess enterprise candidates and determine their suitability for receiving Impact-Linked Finance instruments.

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