Tailor Impact-Linked Finance by calculating your case

Would you like to see the concrete effects of 3 different instruments?


Then you are in the exact right spot on the Open Platform. Here, we introduce the one and only Impact-Linked Finance Calculator that allows you to investigate the concrete effects of 3 different instruments: Impact-Linked Loans, Social Impact Incentives (SIINCs), and Impact-Linked Revenue Share Agreements. Find out what Impact-Linked Finance can do for you as an outcome funder, entrepreneur or investor!


Before you start

We know that it can be very tempting to dive right into this tool and test it out. Yet the results can only be as meaningful as the data you enter. Therefore, please study the short Impact-Linked Finance Calculator Guide , watch the short tutorial video and/or get familiar with the Impact-Linked Finance basics on the Open Platform. This extra preparation will pay off.

Innovative Finance Toolkit

Are you interested in a deeper introduction to innovative finance? Then we recommend the Innovative Finance Toolkit that Roots of Impact and its partners developed for the B-Briddhi program. It is targeted at funders, entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking financing solutions that are better tailored to the unique needs of impact creators on the ground than for example classic equity or debt. Investigate the English version below which was sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation and find out how to provide or receive “better terms for better impact” and be more flexible, patient or creative with finance. The Spanish and Portuguese versions of the toolkit are brought to you in collaboration with Latimpacto on

Original Toolkit in English
Spanish & Portuguese

Impact-Linked Finance Calculator

Are you ready to start calculating? Then it’s time to enter your specific case. Please be aware that you can make screenshots of your results in this session, but we won’t store your data for later. You can return any time for free, but make sure to save what you’d like to use again. Enjoy becoming an Impact-Linked Finance practitioner!

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