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Resources from the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender Inclusive Fintech (ILF for GIF)

The ILF for GIF is a highly innovative fund and an expert in the gender-fintech nexus. Our mission is to catalyze women’s financial inclusion with Impact-Linked Finance and help create a thriving ecosystem for gender transformative impact. Here, we would like to share valuable resources, learnings, and insights from our program, our partners and beyond.

New: Our Gender-Inclusive Fintech Ecosystem Map!

Explore our Gender-Inclusive Fintech Ecosystem Map, a curated showcase of organizations at the intersection of financial inclusion, gender, and fintech, emphasizing migration. Compiled from public data, it’s a diverse, non-exhaustive list reflecting the vibrant landscape in these sectors. Please note that inclusion in this map is not an endorsement, and that each organization is grouped by core activity. Spotlights highlight unique efforts for gender equity – it’s about recognition, not judgment.

Dive into the report to access the complete methodology and disclaimer details:

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Recommended readings about the gender-fintech nexus

Would you like to deepen your knowledge about the gender-fintech nexus? Our ILF for GIF team has collected their favorite resources for you. Enjoy the extra food for thought!

Understanding the ILF for GIF

Are you curious to learn how the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender Inclusive Fintech works and who is involved in this innovative fund? Feel free to check out the presentation below. If you missed our inspiring launch event on how to push the boundaries in gender inclusion and migration, we invite you to watch our webinar video below. Listen to what our partners and experts have to say: Jessica Espinoza from 2X Collaborative, Sana Kapadia from GenderSmart, Christine Schneeberger from SDC, Florian Kemmerich from Bamboo Capital Partners, Allie Burns from Village Capital.

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The ILF for GIF ecosystem-enabling pillar with a focus on migrant women

One important pillar of the ILF for GIF is to enable the fintech ecosystem to become more gender-inclusive which also includes addressing the needs of migrant women. Here, we work with Village Capital, Seedstars and Women’s World Banking to provide acceleration, incubation, and other important support to fintechs.

In November 2022, Village Capital launched the “Catalyzing Financial Inclusion: Gender-Inclusive Fintech Solutions for Migrants” report. Get the latest wisdom on this vital subject and witness the key insights from the inspiring ​Financial Solutions for Migrants Summit held in ​Istanbul in June 2023 in our infographic.

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